J.S. BACH: Gigue from Cello Suite 1, on a liuto attiorbato

GIOVANNI ZAMBONI: Preludio (from Sonata 1) & Giga (from Sonata 3) in G-major, on a liuto attiorbato  

Contrapunto 1 & 2 for two renaissance lutes from the “Fronimo Dialogo di Vincentio Galilei” (1584). Concert with Edin Karamazov on May 2000 

DAVID KELLNER: Campanella for baroque lute

GIOVANNI KAPSBERGER Toccata 1, on 10-course renaissance lute

FRANCESCO SPINACINO, ricercar (book 1 #36), on 6-course renaissance lute

MAURO GIULIANI, Andantino Sostenuto & Finale:Allegro from op. 71, Sonatine no. 3, on a romantic guitar by François Roudhloff, Paris ca. 1820

S.L. WEISS: Sarabande in d-minor on baroque lute. Concert on January 23rd, 2016 

Four SHAKESPEARE TEXTS set for voice and lute by Peter Croton. Performed by Evelyn Tubb (soprano) & Peter Croton (lute) in 2014  

THE LUTE PLAYER, Theresia Bothe (voice) & Peter Croton (lute & electric guitar). Words by Andrew Lang from "The Violet Fairy Book" (1901), music by Peter Croton (2010). From the CD "THE LUTE PLAYER & other songs", Centaur CRC 3209.   

Song to a sleeping child: music & lyrics by PETER CROTON. Theresia Bothe - vocals, Peter Croton - guitars.  From the CD 'I'll Sing a Song For You', Zah Zah ZZCD9825