lutenist - guitarist - songwriter

lutenist - guitarist - songwriter

lutenist - guitarist - songwriterlutenist - guitarist - songwriter


Award-winning lutenist and romantic-guitarist Peter Croton is an active performer & recording artist as soloist & accompanist. In the press he has been called a "lyric poet of the lute" and has been praised for his "breathtaking virtuosity" and "astonishing range of tone colors and dynamics". His compositions for voice & lute have been described as "challenging and refined... highly suited for inclusion in today's concert repertoire".  

Peter teaches lute, romantic guitar, continuo, and historical performance practice at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis and the Conservatory of Music in Bern. His newest book, A METHOD FOR THE RENAISSANCE LUTE, WITH A SUPPLEMENT FOR THE ARCHLUTE, is now available. His recent books PERFORMING BAROQUE MUSIC ON THE CLASSICAL GUITAR and PERFORMING BAROQUE MUSIC ON THE LUTE & THEORBO are available on Amazon (international sites).  

His tutor, FIGURED BASS ON THE CLASSICAL GUITAR - A PRACTICAL APPROACH BASED ON HISTORICAL PRINCIPLES, has been described by Konrad Ragossing as "...a valuable contribution not only to the practice of  playing thoroughbass on the classical guitar, but above all to the expansion of knowledge of musical practice in a fundamental period in Western music - a  guide equally important for all guitarists, for teachers, students and concert artists".  

Since 2011, Peter Croton has been included in the Marquis Who's Who in the World, featuring  biographies of "the most accomplished men and women from around the world and across all fields of endeavor". 

Peter is President of the German Lute Society (Deutsche Lautengesellschaft), and is the initiator & artistic director of BASELPLUCKS - Festival for lute & guitar

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THE TWO FRANCESCOS Francesco Spinacino & Francesco da Milano (Carpe Diem) 

"Not surprisingly Croton, who is also known for his contemporary and jazz-related musical projects, explores this beautiful musical world with the heart of a true improviser, sparkling with creativity." 


"The lutenist Peter Croton pulls off an absolutely ideal recording of the works of two 'Renaisance-stars'. Compared with similar recordings (...) the present CD deserves the very top ranking. Here everything harmonizes ideally: the virtuosity and taste of the performer ... One cannot play Francesco da Milano more convincingly than does Peter Croton."  

    KULTURRADIO BERLIN, Bernhard Morbach 

"Peter Croton has for many years been among the most well-known lutenists and guitarists in the field of early music…He unveils a grand arc of masterfully played works and brings them to life with great flair. As may be expected the pieces are played in a technically brilliant manner, but the real strength of the recording lies in the rare vitality which Peter Croton breathes into them." 



"Croton's performances are superb." 


"These are intelligent, sensitive, and lyrical performances..." 


"...his performances have a uniquely expressive, rhythmically flexible quality..." 


"...subtle and transparent...elegently attractive... exceptionally singing manner of playing..." 


REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS PAST - lute songs & solos by John Dowland & Peter Croton with special guest Derek Lee Ragin. 

“…Dowland's music is presented as living and malleable, inspiring transformation as well as new compositions. … Hearing all this new material created by Croton is like discovering new works by Dowland, such is his sense of style and his ability to emulate Dowland’s melodic gift." 


I'LL SING A SONG FOR YOU - A UNIQUE BLEND OF FOLK, POP, & JAZZ - songs by Peter Croton (Zah Zah) 

“A fantastic blend of styles melding in together to produce a stunningly beautiful cd. The songs, playing and singing is an absolute delight to hear. An album that needs to be heard and savoured.“

    PBS 106-7 FM( Melbourne, Australia)    



PERFORMING BAROQUE MUSIC ON THE LUTE & THEORBO: a practical guide based on historical sources
Amazon/CreateSpace 2016

PERFORMING BAROQUE MUSIC ON THE CLASSICAL GUITAR: a practical handbook based on historical sources
Amazon/CreateSpace 2015

FIGURED BASS ON THE CLASSICAL GUITAR - a practical approach based on historical principles Amadeus, 2005

Four settings of texts by William Shakespeare for Voice and Lute
Tree Edition, 2009

Five Songs for Voice and Renaissance Lute or Guitar & "Midnight Fantasia" for Lute solo
German Lute Society, 1999